The Arts  

Canajoharie High School houses the area's premier theater, the Arkell Performing Arts Center. Through the generosity of the Arkell Foundation, the Canajoharie High School auditorium is a true performing arts center.

You can check here for updated concert schedules and performances. Click here to see the schedule.

In addition to concerts, the Canajoharie-Fort Plain Drama Club presents a spring musical and the Canajoharie-Fort Plain Drama Club Summer Drama Club presents a summer show, which is open to all communities and features a multi-generational cast.

Spring Concert Schedule

Thursday, June 1 Spring Concert

Seventh and Eighth Grade Concert Band

Seventh and Eighth Grade Orchestra

Sixth Grade Band

Jazz Ensemble

Monday, June 5 Spring Concert

Hgh School Band

High School Orchestra

George Vosburgh Memorial Handbell Choir

Sixth Grade Orchestra

Tuesday, June 6 Spring Concert

Fourth and Fifth Grade Choir

Sixth Grade Choir

Seventh and Eighth Grade Choir

High School Choir

Company of Song



Arts Links


The Canajoharie Library and Art Gallery houses an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures.

The Arkell Museum shows the rich history of the area and houses works by Winslow Homer and George Inness