Participation Code For Athletics


Athletic Policy

The boy or girl who participates in interscholastic athletics occupies an enviable position. To fellow students, he or she is a leader; one whose example and actions are often followed and approved. To the adult community and to all who observe the athletic events, he or she typifies the student leadership of the school. The athlete’s personal conduct is a reflection on the school and the students. This is a great responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

This participation code is intended to serve the best interest of each athlete, the team, and the school. The intent is not to punish or limit involvement. It is intended as a tool that the student-athlete can use for growth toward responsible young adulthood.

Students participating in any interscholastic activity shall be made aware of, and agree to abide by the following:

A. Participants will abstain from the use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and/or illegal drugs. Athletes may not remain present in locations where underage drinking and/or illegal drugs are being used.

  • The athlete in violation of this provision will be suspended from participation for at least 20% of the season, but must attend all practice sessions.

  • For the second violation, the athlete will be dismissed from the team.

    In the case of the egregious use, sale, or provisioning of other students with tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and/or illegal drugs, athletes may be summarily dismissed from the team.

B. Athletes failing more than one subject must correct all failures following the issuance of report cards or five-week progress reports. (An incomplete for other than medical reasons will be considered a failure.)

  • Athletes will be required to attend Twelfth Block each day with a teacher of one of the subjects failed in order to participate in sports practice or competition.

C. Any middle school student who participates in the interscholastic athletic program must maintain a passing average (70%) in all subjects.

  • The middle school athlete who does not maintain a passing average shall attend noon assistance to receive additional help. If the student is still in academic difficulty, limitations will be made in his or her participation in the athletic program based on the recommendation of his or her academic team.

D. The student-athlete is expected to be in regular school and class attendance at all times, except for legitimate and legal reasons for absence. All high school student athletes must attend school no later than the start of period 2 in order to participate in sports practice or competition unless approval is given by the high school principal.

  • Athletes will be barred from participation in practice or competition on the day of the absence or tardiness.

E. Student athletes must report to every practice session, unless absent from school for a legal reason, or unless excused by his or her coach. Any planned absence during a school vacation period should be brought to the attention of the coach through personal contact.

  • For the first violation of this provision, the athlete will be suspended from participation in some or all of the NEXT SCHEDULED CONTEST but will be expected to attend all practice sessions and that contest.

  • For the second violation, the athlete may be dismissed from the team.

F. A player may withdraw from a team without penalty providing he/she has discussed the matter with the coach, the Athletic Director, or the high school principal before leaving. Any player quitting by walking off the field, attempting to make a “statement” by his/her departure from a team, will be ineligible for any sport during that season and for the next sport’s season OR the season where the student has previously been a participant. This includes a carryover from Spring to Fall and year to year.

G. If a student is allowed to participate in two sports during a single season, that student must declare to both coaches which sport will be his/her “major” sport. By this declaration, the athlete will determine at the start of the season the sport in which she/he will compete in the event of conflicting schedules during the regular season, tournaments, and post-season competitions.

H. Hazing, bullying, fighting, use of profanity or obscene behavior, harassment, conduct unbecoming an athlete, or insubordination to the coach could result in one or more of the following penalties:

  • Removal from the team

  • Suspension for one or more contests, at the discretion of the coach and principal

  • In-school suspension or out-of-school suspension

I. Any student convicted of a misdemeanor or felony during the season will be subject to a disciplinary response, including possible:

  • Removal from the team

  • Suspension for one or more contests, at the discretion of the coach and principal

    In-school suspension or out-of-school suspension