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Engineering student visits Canajoharie Middle School

Canajoharie Middle School technology students recently had the opportunity to work with a Clarkson University engineering student on a class project.

Sixth graders in Dr. Greg Pitonza’s technology classes are currently working on an engineering design project based on Newton's Third Law and impact forces.

Just before Thanksgiving as they were in the research phase of their project students received a visit from Bailey Pitonza, a 2013 Canajoharie graduate who is currently a senior civil engineering student at Clarkson.

Students spent their class periods engaged in a Q&A with the college senior asking for advice on their design plans.

The project will culminate with students producing model vehicles and testing them for impact resistance.

Bailey Pitonza, a 2013 Canajoharie graduate who is now a senior at Clarkson University, answers questions from sixth graders about Newton's Third Law.