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Letter to parents about 4th & 5th grade swim unit

Dear Fourth and Fifth Grade Families,

Beginning May 7, 2018 and ending on June 11, 2018, every 4th and 5th grade class will be participating in our end of the year Water Safety Unit during their swim classes. During this unit the students will be in the water with clothing for the first 3 lessons. Students should bring separate clothing to participate in during class. I will put all clothing in the wash and dryer during this unit and keep items separated by class. This will ensure that each student has clothing for the lessons in which they will be used. Make sure that each item is labeled with your child’s name. Please send your child to school with the following items:

  • Longsleeve shirt (button up is ok)

  • Long pants

Each child will be given instruction on how to respond in the appropriate way before entering the water and will be supervised in a controlled setting. This activity will provide each student who participates with the skills necessary to respond to an emergency situation should such situation arise. An outline of the unit is provided below:

  • Day 1 (Week of 5/7-5/11): Personal Flotation Device (PFD) Review, H.E.L.P. & Huddle Position**

  • Day 2 (Week of 5/14-5/18): Self-Rescue Techniques: Using Clothing as a PFD**

  • Day 3 (Week of 5/21-5/25): Self-Rescue Techniques: Bob and Move, Survival Float and Swim**

  • Day 4 (Week of 5/29-6/1 & 6/4): Reaching & Throwing Assists

  • Day 5 (Week of 6/5-6/8 & 6/11): Calling for Help, Hands Only CPR

I encourage parents that wish to learn some of these techniques to come in during your child’s class. The knowledge and skills taught in this unit are some of the most important concepts and skills that are taught during the year. Should you have any questions, email Kevin Stuttle: kevin.stuttle@canjo.org.